My Online Coaching as a Digital Business Coach!

My basics for your career coaching, professional coaching and job application coaching as online
coaching, location- and time-independent!

You want to start your career? Sharpen your skills as a leader? Find your dream job?
Then arrange a non-binding initial interview now!

These are my basics for our joint online coaching for career, personality and your dream job:
The relationship between clients and me is especially important, confidential and protected, also in
Online Coaching:

– Only after a detailed meeting will you and I decide together on our cooperation!

– The first Online Coaching session is about your goal, the desired result.
Based on this, I will suggest professional methods for Business Coaching or Life Coaching. With me
there is no voodoo and no witchcraft, only serious work together!

– For sustainability you will receive exercises and topics agreed upon between us for the time
between the online coaching appointments. If you have any questions, you can reach me via a secure
messenger like Signal or Threema on your smartphone.

– The implementation, the doing is up to you as a client!

– Career coaching can only support your career if you implement and do our jointly developed
exercises and tasks!

– Whether executive coaching as online coaching or career coaching: To reach your goal requires your
active and voluntary cooperation!

My online coaching is the so-called systemic coaching. In our online coaching sessions we will always
discuss the possible effects of your actions on your environment, your colleagues, your managers and
your employees. Your family should also be taken into consideration when it comes to systemic
business coaching. If the focus is on life coaching, the family and private life must be on board!
– Finally, we meet in the last appointment Online Coaching for joint reflection and your honest

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