Coaching and Corona – help in crises

Personality coaching as online coaching and life coaching in crises

The Corona virus is changing the lives of all of us. And many people feel oppressed and depressed. Be
it through the personal restrictions to which we are subjected or through economic pressure from
By definition, a crisis is a sudden and unexpected change in life that is perceived as a burden.
Can you understand this description?
Then perhaps you know these examples:
– Worries about your own job due to short-time work or a drop in orders from your employer.
– A similarly depressing situation with your partner or in the family
– Care for your own health due to the Corona virus or the health of your family
And these are just some of the problems the Corona virus presents us with.

Life Coaching in crises helps you to find the strength and power in the person who can help you
directly: in yourself!
So ask yourself:
– Have I ever gone through a similar crisis before and what helped me back then?
– Which persons do I know who could help me in the current situation and how do I approach these
In times of personal crisis it helps to strengthen yourself!
– What is important to me?
– What do I actually stand for?
– And what do I really want?

Your coach can also help you as online coaching with proven methods. Solid life coaching or
professional coaching in crises is not witchcraft, but uses many proven methods that are described in
detail in scientific books.
Thus, supported by your personal coach, you will find out what is important to you, who can help you
and where to go: the way out of the crisis.

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