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Business Development in Munich, Bavaria and Germany

I have been a Consultant, Lecturer & Business Coach for 15 years. The digital change offers right now the chance to find or create your business opportunity.
You want to expand to Bavaria or Germany?

Then I would be happy to help you! As a labour market expert, online coach and trainer for E-Business-Management.

As a board member of the bavarian branch of the federal association of business economists germany (bdvb) I can help to establish your business contacts.

As a member of the governing political party in Munich I can help to establish your political contacts.

So what is essential if you to negotiate succesfully with german business partners:
- body language
- know and include cultural differences
- do´s and dont´s
- master dinner and society events with ease
- german storytelling and bavarian heros
- networking
- you should definitely know about the Wolpertinger!

Manfred Groitl - persönliches Coaching

With 55plus years of age and more than 35 years of professional experience in the private and public sector I offer the necessary knowledge for business processes to provide professional and positive business coaching in an appreciative way.

Individual solutions

personal and authentic

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Business Development Bavaria & Germany
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