What does an E-Business Manager actually do?

I completed the exciting distance learning course in e-business management with Professor Tobias
Kollmann at the University of Duisburg-Essen. I got to know Professor Kollmann through his book
“Deutschland 4.0: Wie die Digitale Transformation gelingt” (Germany 4.0: How to succeed in digital
transformation) and then spoke personally at several discussions and lectures.

As a business economist with a keen interest in digitization and the resulting changes in our working
world, the e-business manager was the ideal further education for me.
The course deals with the digital transformation of our companies and the economy as a whole: what
competitive advantages digital companies have through the large amount of data they collect from
all of us every day.

Anyone who hears the words Google, Facebook, Apple or Amazon knows how powerful these big
digital companies have become. In studying to become an e-business manager, you learn the
background of these digital business models and how German companies, and therefore we
employees as well, must change in order to keep up.

I also developed my Digital Business Coaching out of this study. This brings the basic knowledge from
career coaching or professional coaching together with the requirements of digital change. Our
activities and professions are changing, and so are the demands on us as employees, managers or

A good and professional coach should be able to take this into account for his clients!

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