Digitization and Work 4.0 – VUCA mastering with online coaching

How to get off to the right start with career coaching, career guidance or job coaching in the digital
change! Even with 50plus.

Digitalisation is changing our professions and our activities, constantly and repeatedly presenting us
with new challenges. Perhaps you know the formula VUCA, which stands as an abbreviation for an
unstable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.
This formula abbreviates the problems and tasks that people and companies have to face in times of
digital change, globalisation, crises like Covid19 and political imponderables.

These challenges make previous experiences worthless: "we've always done it this way" is no longer
an option, and is even becoming dangerous for the future.

The complexity increases: dependencies on events at the other end of the world lead to insolvencies
and unemployment all over the world.
Uncertainties are increasing: "markets" do not regulate everything.
And unpredictable people in positions of power drive the world into economic wars, hatred and
personal animosities.

But how do we now face these changes?
As “normal” employees, as entrepreneurs, as self-employed or managers:
The solution is: “be prepared”.

It has become difficult to plan for the long term. But you can be prepared for eventualities that may
come our way in an unstable, unpredictable and complex world.

I would like to give you two examples from my everyday consulting and coaching work:

#1: Steffi wants to work internationally, for a big company of world class. She even finds an
interesting job advertisement with the requirement of a very good command of the German
Who will the company employ now? A competitor who already speaks perfect German? Or Steffi,
who applies and says: “Hire me and I’ll start learning German right away”? What do you think?

#2: Andy is looking for a job with a social animal welfare organisation, he wants to help animals. And
indeed he finds a job advertisement with his dream job. Who do you think gets the job: a competitor
who says “I have always been a great animal lover”? Or Andy, who has prepared himself with
voluntary work at an animal protection organization and an internship during the holidays?

Be prepared means being prepared for the dream job, and not thinking about it when it’s too late!

So what is the formula for “be prepared” at VUCA and the digital change?

Here is my suggestion for your preparations: practice your digital muscles!

The future is made of courage! Believe in yourself, in your values, visions and goals. A professional
value coaching or life coaching can help you to know and recognize your very own, very personal

Dealing with digital tools
The Corona crisis has exposed the backlog of digitisation in Germany. And it has shaken all of us up:
school is going digital, home offices save the trip to work and video conferences replace business
trips. The focus is on digital tools for smartphones and PCs: programs and apps such as Zoom, Slack,
SimpleMind and OneNote help people to work together.

These tools will stay! So take an active part in the new possibilities. Practice and train when these
small programs are new territory for you. You can find help and support via Google and Youtube, and
you can learn more on platforms like Udemy.

See and use chances
Whether privately or professionally, think positively and take advantage of the opportunities that
present themselves. You will get support through a personality coaching.
With freshly strengthened self-confidence you will recognize opportunities for your job and career.
And it also helps as support in conflicts with colleagues or superiors.
Or you think about the next step with a career coaching, for more joy, more sense and more money
in your next job.

Creativity and solution orientation
New tasks mean new solutions and new approaches! Due to the constantly changing conditions, long
planning periods are no longer possible. That means testing something, daring to make mistakes and

then admitting them. Creativity can be learned! There are proven methods to work creatively and
apps for the smartphone to support you. Just search for them on Google or ask me.

Interdisciplinary thinking
Think also about others and the big picture!
A changed perspective helps to understand connections and extends the possibilities. Take an
interest in the work of your colleagues. What is the competition doing? And what do our customers
actually want?
You will again receive support through a career coaching or job coaching.
Train your mindfulness, run through the world with open eyes and ears. Companies that allow their
employees to get involved benefit from this!

Sensitivity for data and data protection

Pay attention to your own data. And if you as a company manage the entrusted data of your
customers: trust means trust! Do not deceive or disappoint your customers and business partners.

Practice your digital muscles regularly and you will master VUCA with courage and elegance.

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