Online Coaching as career coaching

Safe – convenient – simple

Digitalization and the Corona Virus are changing the way we work. But it is also changing the
opportunities a coach has to support his or her client in their career or professional development
through job coaching, application coaching or career coaching.
For many years, coaching has only known personal contact. That has changed with clever digital

Online Coaching is secure, comfortable and easy!
Whether as career coaching for the next career step, as job coaching for the further development in
the current job or as application coaching for the concrete step of finding the next employer.
Professional online coaching takes place via a GDPR-compliant server and is therefore secure. I use
the European software Clickmeeting, which offers the following possibilities for constructive work:
– via videoconference, coach and client see and hear each other and can thus build a positive,
solution-oriented relationship
– In addition, there is a whiteboard on which both can write together or work on diagrams
– To view prepared documents, the screens can be split. This allows the client to show his coach
directly which thoughts he has recorded since the last session. And the coach can first show prepared
documents and then send them.

All this can be done from the comfort of your own home. Nobody needs time and effort to travel or
even stay overnight: online coaching instead of nationwide travel, comfortable instead of stressful.
The client sits in his comfortable atmosphere and can work with concentration. And he works with
the right online coach instead of having to choose the nearest business or life coach.
The program for the video meetings simply runs via a current browser, the clients do not need to
install any software for the coaching.

In addition to the video meetings there is the possibility to stay in constant written contact via a
secure messenger such as Signal, Telegram or Threema. The clients have the possibility to reach their
coach via their smartphone when it is necessary. Independent of place and time.
Online coaching for career, job and application uses the latest technology for your successful
professional future.


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