Career coaching and professional coaching as online coaching – How does coaching actually work?


This is clearly the first answer! The client comes voluntarily and chooses his or her own coach.

So it is very seldom that it works when your employee pretends to be a coach in your career

1) Who with whom?
The relationship between client and coach is particularly important and worth protecting, also in
online coaching. If there is trust between the two people, both can work together honestly.
So if you are looking for a coach or life coach, take the time for at least one detailed meeting. Ask and
check the coach in detail whether he or she is a good match for you.

2) Where to go?
In another article I have already shown in detail when online coaching can be used as career
coaching. After getting to know you, your coach will want to know what you want to achieve with the
coaching. The better your coach understands your current situation and the more precisely you can
describe your goal, the better he can help you.

3) With what?
Business Coaching and Life Coaching know proven methods, which are described in scientific articles
and books and which your coach has learned and practiced during his training. As my professor used
to say in my training: "Coaching is not voodoo and not witchcraft, but professional work".
A professional coach will always explain his methods to you and describe the goal, why he is using
exactly this method right now!

4) What?
Coaching is different from consulting. A consultant will act as an expert and tell you what he thinks
should be done now. In coaching, on the other hand, the coach will broaden your perspective
through serious communication and professional questions. You will find new or old ways by
yourself, uncover lost resources by yourself and work constructively towards a solution.
This will not happen suddenly or all at once, but through concentrated cooperation between client
and coach, in several appointments and through ongoing contact between appointments. In online

coaching this is done conveniently via video conferences and secure messengers. Data security also
means confidentiality here!

The coach will start the conversation with professional questions and then follow the direction you
take. With problem-oriented questions he will get an overview of the current situation. Resource-
oriented questions help to find things or people that help solve the problem. Goal-oriented questions
help to find a solution or the desired result and clarify it precisely. For further questions and methods
please contact your coach.

In several sessions over a longer period of time you and your coach work together and develop the
impulses for the solution. Complex topics or problems can rarely be solved overnight. This is where
the strengths of online coaching with location- and time-independent video appointments supported
by data-secure messages via smartphone become particularly apparent.

5) Do!
The implementation, the doing is done by the client himself. The coach can only help and support. In
online coaching, the coach can be reached via Messenger and the smartphone, and a video
conference can also be arranged at short notice.
So you will discuss with the coach in the sessions what needs to be done in which steps.
No matter if business coaching or a life coaching, your coach should accompany you in the process of
doing things, should encourage and motivate you, maybe even moderate it once or point out risks.

6) For risks and side effects ask …

When you change yourself, when you do something, it affects your environment, your "system". The
term "systemic coaching" takes this into account, because you are not alone!
If it is about professional coaching or business coaching, this has an impact on your colleagues, your
managers and your position in the company.
Career Coaching or Life Coaching will definitely have an impact on your partner, your children and
your private life. You are changing and you should definitely take your environment into account.
Your Systemic Coach will therefore discuss with you the effects on you and others.

7) Reflection
Finally, your coach will ask for feedback from you. What worked, what was perhaps difficult or did
not fit so well. Your coach also continues to develop and your feedback is very important for this. Be
honest here too! And if the experience was positive, recommend your coach to others!
For your questions or our first meeting, please use the contact or the appointment form.

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